livrez dragoste

(en: I deliver love)


Loredana and Cristina started a studio named livrez dragoste (translation: I deliver love). Under this name, they’re offering several services: writing, packaging and sending letters, you know, like they used to do in the old days. Their services are requested by guys/gals who want to send a special message to a loved one, but also by companies that want a personal touch on their messages. Lately they also started to deliver kind hand-written messages to romanian commuters on the subway, bus and tram. It’s their way of bringing a smile on people’s faces and I’m glad to have played even a little part of it.




They asked me to create a new logo that would best represent their services to their clients and prospective clients. They also requested a symbol that would be suitable to use as a wax seal, stamp, printed on small sizes and big sizes respectively. The most important thing to them was having a logo that will mostly be used in print and stationery accessories (wax seals, stamps). It had to imply the work they do and be a reflection of the name of the studio: livrez dragoste (en: I deliver love).




I encountered a new medium: I had to think of a symbol that would efficiently translate as a wax seal. Specifically, it had to be easily recognizable in an unicolor, 3D model.




Based on the brief, I decided to go for: having a symbol that would define your services no matter the medium and also having two logo variants – one with the name of the studio so we can make it more known, and another with the name and a tagline (atelierul de scrisori – en: letter workshop).

The symbol we decided upon came to me after many iterations and I feel it was the best solution to illustrate delivering love and at the same time hinting towards the fact that they do everything they sell by hand and take pride in their calligraphy.


Photos by the team @ livrez dragoste

Date: December 6, 2016

Category: Art direction, Branding