editorial collages

Client: Maurice Munteanu (fashion editor, Elle Romania)

Maurice has a personal blog (mauricemunteanu.ro) covering subjects like fashion, style culture and old movies.  He usually features his editorial picks but seeks to do so in a visually interesting manner.



He asked me to create collages using products that he picked. I had to convey a unified feeling that would tie the visual with the text of the post. The collages would also need to serve as social media posts in order to promote those products.



The main challenge was the fact that I had to create a visual that would be engaging enough as a whole composition and an instagram post and at the same time would be clear enough as a big image posted on his blog.



I made abstraction of the main purpose of the products and started playing with them as graphical elements in order to create compositions that could emphasize the main idea/mood that tied them together. Here you cand find 4 of them that each represent  the visual aid of 4 diferrent posts.

Date: August 29, 2016

Category: Art direction, Web