animations for youtube video intros


willdiet was founded in February 2017 by millennial entrepreneur and Weight Loss Design Coach, Antonia Teaha, after a self experience of losing 40 kilos. willdiet is a complete resource of holistic weight loss plans, motivational content, cultural approach and social feed created for the millennial generation. It’s mainly focused on video content comprised of Antonia’s day-to-day tips, early morning workouts, interviews and tutorials for healthy recipes.




Antonia commissioned me to develop a visual identity keeping in mind that most of the content would be in video form or as snippets for facebook and instagram.




I stepped away from the classic way of visually representing diet&exercise related brands . So I chose a more intense, direct and simple way to do it. We wanted to express the ‘will’ itself. The main idea was to put a spin on it by using intense colors along with a DIY style of graphics and animation both of which would infuse the right amount of friendliness and wittiness that Antonia’s personality already has. A video from her should feel like a bright, witty surprise every time it pops into your feed.