april 2016

This was my first contribution to the global creative excercise that is 36daysoftype.



Create a new composition every day for 36 days.



Starting from self-chosen words as guidelines, I created my depictions of every letter of the alphabet: alone, bacteria, chemistry, diffraction, erase, fence, gravity, hidden, illusion, jazz, knife, loop, momentum, non-focused, orbit, particles, quarter, ramifications, shit I tried to do today, test, unison, volume, wings, x-ray, yes this is random, zig-zag.


I limited myself at 1.30 h/letter including the process of coming up with the concept and creating it. It was a challenge, not gonna lie, but it kind of showed me that I can manage doing more than I imagined.


Can’t wait for the next one!

Date: June 18, 2016

Category: Personal, Web